Municipal Liquor Store


Sauk Rapids Liquor, located at 312 Benton Drive North, offers a great selection of Liquor, Beer, and Wine.  We offer over 200 packages of craft beers with a great selection of special craft bombers.  New varieties of Liquor and Wines arrive weekly.Thank you for shopping at Sauk Rapids Liquor, the Store where profits go back in to the Community.



The City of Sauk Rapids' liquor store has generated a net income of $1,138,337 over the last ten years from 2007-2016. Sales have continued to grow over the last five years despite several years of road construction and a major remodel of the interior of the store this last spring. This income is used to help pay for equipment that the City would otherwise have to levy for, thus reducing the property taxes that Sauk Rapids residents have to pay. Shopping at Sauk Rapids Liquor also means that your dollars are staying in the community.

Profits from Sauk Rapids Liquor have helped purchase fire trucks and equipment, police vehicles and equipment, plow trucks, playground equipment for parks, and lawn mowers.

We thank those of you who shop at our store and we hope that you will let others know the benefits of shopping at Sauk Rapids Liquor are more than just a great product selection with great service and prices, but that it also helps keep property taxes down and keeps your hard earned dollars in the community. On behalf of the City Council, Tom, Karl, Missy, and the crew at the store, we thank you for your patronage to our Liquor Store.

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