2024 Street Project Map

Another Busy Road Construction Season for the City in 2024



It will be another busy road construction season in Sauk Rapids. The new projects are more spread out compared to last year: southwest, north-central, and northeast.

In 2024 there will be two projects wrapping up and three starting new:

  • The multi-year Second Avenue North Improvements project is planned to be completed in June with final lift bituminous paving and final pavement marking work on 2nd Avenue North from 3rd to 8th Street North, and final paving of the adjacent side streets.    

·         Similarly, the 2023 Division Street Improvements project is also planned to wrap up in June with final lift bituminous paving on Division Street from 2nd Avenue to 8th Street, and final paving on portions of the adjacent side streets.

  • The smallest new 2024 road project consists of the reconstruction of a 200-foot long portion of Railway Avenue across the 1st Street South intersection to extend sanitary sewer to the vacant property between Coborn’s and the railroad tracks. The project coincidentally crosses the significant private natural gas utility upgrade work along 1st Street South that occurred this spring. The City’s intersection work will require a temporary detour of the railroad crossing. Construction is planned to be completed in early June.
  • The largest new project for 2024 is the Second Avenue South Improvements project consisting of street, sidewalk, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, and lighting improvements on 2nd Avenue South from the south side of the railroad tracks to 10th Street South, and work on portions of the adjacent side streets of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Street South, and on 3rd Avenue South from 8th to 9th Street South. A mini roundabout is planned for the 2nd Avenue South/ 9th Street South intersection. Significant private (gas and electric) utility relocation and upgrade work began in April. The City’s (street and utility reconstruction) portion of the project is anticipated to begin in June. The project will include a detour route for 2nd Avenue South through traffic. Construction is anticipated to be substantially completed this fall with final lift paving in 2025.  
  • The final new road project is the 2024 Overlay Improvements consisting of removal/reclamation (pulverizing) of the existing street surface and new bituminous paving on 4th Avenue North from 8th to 18th Street North and on Osauka Road NE from Mayhew Lake Road NE (CSAH 1) to Golden Spike Road NE (CSAH 3). Pedestrian curb ramp upgrades will also take place on both streets. Specific construction scheduling on each segment will be dependent on concurrent/adjacent projects. The work on 4th Avenue North overlaps with a separate water service replacement project. The Osauka Road NE work is being coordinated with a high school parking lot paving project. The 2024 Overlay Improvements project is anticipated to begin by mid-summer and be completed this fall.

As always, we request your patience this construction season. All residents are asked to pay careful attention to construction warning signs and drive cautiously in the vicinity of the project areas. 

Residents and property owners adjacent to the proposed street improvements will be receiving periodic Project Updates in the mail that will provide updated schedule and progress information, as well as contact information for project personnel.