Sauk Rapids Government Center, 250 Summit Avenue North



Ross Olson, City Administrator/EDA Executive Director

The City Administrator guides the community through surges in residential, commercial, and quality of life growth. He advises the Mayor and Council on strategic and tactical planning, budgeting, and programming, to ensure a wide range of municipal services are provided for a rapidly expanding population.


Dana Furman, City Clerk

The City Clerk is responsible for assisting the City Administrator, Mayor & City Council, in carrying out all of the duties of the City Administrator's office, as prescribed by Statute, and for coordinating all functions of the office, including: preparing official meeting agendas and minutes; publishing legal notices; administering the election process; coordinating the permit and licensure process, and maintaining official records and files for the City. This individual is also responsible for compiling and designing the City newsletter, website, cable access channel, and assists the City Administrator/EDA Director in carrying out the functions and activities necessary for the productive and efficient operation of city government.